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Dry / Wet Vacuum Service

Dry / Wet Vacuum Service Massachusetts New England

Whether cleaning is needed for a coal bunker, flyash silo, a waste treat­ment lagoon or boiler and hopper, the Advanced Pollution Control High Vacuum truck is a unique piece of equipment designed for use in a wide variety of industrial cleaning projects.

APC's fleet of 10 well-maintained, 18 cu­bic yard High Vacuum trucks feature the ability to handle cleaning dry or wet, us­ing eight inch aluminum pipe and fittings that ensure safe, secure cleaning. All 10 of APC's Vacuum trucks are equipped with a hydraulic boom accompanied with 8" aluminum pipe to assure that all material gets to the vacuum truck securely and that all types of material, rock hard flyash, hot flyash, fire bricks, coal or any other vacuumed material does not get deposited along the route to the truck. We are also able to vacuum material as far as 300' from the vacuum truck and have vertically pulled solids up 110 feet. The use of aluminum vacuum tubing allows APC to remove many more truckloads of vacuumed material compared to our competitors that may use 200-300 feet of plastic hose that wears out 10 minutes after the truck is started.

APC's High Vacuum trucks are designed for auger unloading. Other options for unloading, available up on request, are pressurized pneumatic off loading, a (drum) barrel-loading attachment or a custom made ramp for dumping mate­rial removed into dumpsters. APC High Vacuum trucks arrive at every project thoroughly clean and fully equipped with fittings for every project and necessary 8" piping to reach all locations, piping and fuel are included in the hourly price.

APC's trucks superior features provide the ability to vacuum a substance as fine as talc and as large and heavy as pieces of rock hard flyash or fire brick. APC trucks are also available as a separate rental unit that includes an APC operator.

What ever the use of application, our equipment and crew's performance will be the right solution for you.

When hiring Vacuum services, the cus­tomer must not look at just the hourly vacuum truck rental price. The customer must look at what is included in the hourly price. "APC includes all fuel and all aluminum piping, steel elbows and hard rubber hoses." This is a key when removal of many truck loads in a short period of time is required and/or the material is hot or rock hard. The hourly or daily price for service contractors must be scrutinized. Recently APC lost a job of vacuuming coal (200 truck loads, 18 yards per truck). We had previously performed the job with a four man crew, vacuum truck, service vehicle and all the piping to get to the 6th floor of a plant. We averaged 10-11 truck loads per 8 hour work day. The less expensive com­pany that was awarded the job never removed more that 2 truck loads and averaged 1.5 truck loads each 8 hour work day. I asked the company hiring Vacuum services if they truly evaluated the "bottom dollar" costs APC finished 4 times faster, was three times cheaper to perform the job. The company also had 7 men working on the job.

When evaluating services, price per hour or price per day is important but does not tell the entire story. What is included in the hourly costs is important. The service truck, is it fully stocked with all necessary tools or just an empty pick-up truck. The service truck, is it a crew cab capable of 6 men or are you paying for two pick-ups. "APC only has crew cab pick-ups that are fully stocked with all necessary tools assuring no interruption in the work being performed." All hand air tools are on board service trucks for tackling rock hard fly ash.

APC crews are trained in Hazardous Waste Work Safety, Confined Space Entry, Rescue and Retrieval in Confined Spaces, Lock Out/Tag Out, Fall Protec­tion, Respiratory Training with full annual employee medical evaluations, Hearing Protection, Personal Protection Equip­ment, Electrical Hazards, DOT Training, Training in Trenching and Shoring and Excavation Procedures. All employees also went through the 10 hour OSHA Construction Site Safety Awareness Course.