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While constructing a subdivision or developing a Real Estate project, the process of stock piling loam and gravel behind silt fences and bales of hay sometimes gets soaked and displaced by a torrential rain storm. The result is that the loam and gravel gets washed into surround¬ing wetlands. In the past Bobcats, loaders and drag lines were used to reclaim the gravel and loam. The cutting down and costly replace-ment of trees and other vegetation is eliminated by placing aluminum tubing around these obstacles and vacuuming deep into the wetlands to reclaim any and all loam and gravel. APC now uses Vacuum Trucks, 5300 CFM and 28" of Mercury static pull to go into the wetlands and reclaim the material that was washed in. We can vacuum gravel and loam up to 300' from the vacuum truck. We can clean brooks and streams down to the original black leaves and get EPA, DEP and local conservation satisfied that every area is returned to its original state or cleaner.

APC uses aluminum pipe with our well maintained, most powerful vacuum trucks for:

  • Shoreline clean-ups
  • River, Brook and Waterway clean-ups
  • Salt water inlet, seaweed removal, clogged or plugged waterways
  • Vacuuming of catch basins prior to going into wetlands (septors)
  • Vacuuming of material that has gone into Wetlands, oceans or rivers (brooks)
  • Water treatment basins - remove solids (plant services) - can go 300' from truck with aluminum piping
  • Cleaning culverts
  • Cleaning pipe lines and drain lines

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